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Original VS Fake Cummins

 Dear honored Hongfan Power partners,


With hope to protect our honored partners’ interest, as a responsible company, we sincerely would like to share this serious news that recently sales of imitated Cummins engine in both international and domestic market were frequently exposed in public. Indeed, the fact that some greedy factories were keeping greasing profits by using fake/imitated controller( such as fake Deepsea), breaker (such as fake ABB) and ATS (such as fake Socomec ATS) etc. happened in past few years and has disturbed & ruined market ,also left global market a bad image on Chinese products.


Since 2009, we have heard that the imitated Cummins engines were sold in market but not proved with our own eyes. However, recently, during visit, we have learned a lot of complain from market feedback on the awful experiences of purchasing imitated Cummins engines. What is worse, it is a pity that we even learn from Cummins after sales service people that some small Cummins Authorized OEM factories are also involved in selling imitated Cummins engines. Undoubtedly, this will not only bring our end users difficulties in discriminating between genuine and imitated, but also add risk of being cheated. Furthermore, we even witness the detailed data and info of imitated Cummins engines when those imitated Cummins manufacturers visited our factory and intended to promote their “Cummins” with unexpected low price.


In view of the above situations, with great sense of responsibility and obligation, we, Hongfan Power, sincerely remind you to be alert to those imitated Cummins and avoid the loss from deceived. Meanwhile, as responsible enterprise in the long term, Hongfan Power adhere to the principle of honesty, we value customers’ interest as ours, and aim at long term win-win cooperation relationship with our customers. Hereby, we Hongfan power solemnly promise to customers that in the past, present and future, we never use fake products and forever. Hongfan Power would maintain long term credible and honest mutual communication with our esteemed customers.


The imitated Cummins have high degree of simulation. So that has also brought our end users difficulties in discriminating between genuine and imitated. For this sake, Hongfan Power would offer any possible assistance to our customers without hesitation. At the same time, we also share our friendly advice for your evaluation. Hope they are useful to you.


1-OEM factories using imitated Cummins engines promote with extraordinary low price. We would like to remind our partners that due to Cummins very strict and normative rule of price, there must be very small difference among matured Cummins OEM partners in price, please be special alert to those offer Cummins at extraordinary low price.


2- Factories who introduce imitated Cummins are normally small and with poor production and management. We would like to recommend you be special alert to those small factories when cooperate with them.


3-It is a pity that even some notorious Cummins authorized OEM partners neglect the standard business principles by mixing the genuine Cummins with imitated, which brings more difficulties to our end users in discriminating between the genuine and the imitated. We recommend our customers pay more attention to this factor when choosing a partner.


4- So far, for Cummins G-drive diesel engine, there are only 3 joint ventures in China. Dongfeng Cummins (locates in Xiangfan, China, now called Xiangyang) makes diesel engine for generator from 20kw to 200kw, that is Cummins B,C,L serials, Xi'an Cummins (locates in Xi’an) now only offer Cummins QSM11 ECM diesel engine with genset output standby power 350kva, while Chongqing Cummins ((locates in Chongqing) supplies diesel engine for generator above 200kw, that is N,M-11,K19,K38,K50 serials. Consequently, the imitated Cummins are mostly from factories from Xiangfan and Chongqing region, besides. 

5- After years of development in China, genset industry has also developed some strong quality-controlled enterprise with good reputation. We recommend our customer to be more careful and strict when choosing a partner.


Herewith we collect some of points to distinguish original Cummins and imitated Cummins, hopefully this information will be helpful for ur side.

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